Theory-Of-Computation Related Question Answers

1. An FSM (Finite State Machine) can be considered to be a TM (Turing Machine) of finite tape length

2. Vienna Definition Language is an example of language definition facility based on

3. A language L is accepted by a finite automaton if and only if it is

4. The regular expression (a | b)* denotes the set of all strings

5. If S and T be language over Σ = {a, b } represented by regular expression (a b * ) * and (a b) * , respectively, then

6. If w ∈ (a, b)* satisfy abw = wab, then (w) is

7. Can a DFA simulate NFA?

8. Which of the following pairs of regular expressions are equivalent?

9. The string (a) | ((b) * (c)) is equivalent to

10. An FSM with__________________

11. If f : {a, b}* —> (a, b}* be given by f (n) = ax for every value of n ∈ (a, b}, then f is

12. For which of the following application, regular expressions cannot be used ?

13. Running time of NFA to DFA conversion including the case where NFA has e-transition i

14. Which string recognize it ?

15. Which of the following statements is wrong ?

16. Any given transition graph has an equivalent

17. If ∑ = {a, b, d, e, f } then number of strings in ∑ of length 4 such that no symbol is used more than once in a string is

18. Which of the following can be recognized by a Deterministic Finite-state Automaton ?

19. A PDM behaves like an FSM wnen the number of auxiliary memory it has, is

20. Regular expression a / b denotes the set

21. Which of the following are not regular ?

22. The word \'formal\' in formal languages means

23. . If w ∈ (a, b)* satisfy abw = wab, then (w) is___________

24. Consider regular expression (0 1) (0 1) ....... n times. Minimum state finite automaton that recognizes the language represented by this regular expression contains

25. An automation is a __________ device and a grammar is a __________ device.

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