Surgery-Questions Related Question Answers

101. Testicular teratoma has all marker except -

102. Vicryl, the commonly used suture material is a -

103. Rx of choice in postoperative lung collapse is A/E -

104. Hashimoto's disease is -

105. Spontaneous regression is seen in :

106. Pancreatic pseudocyst the best management is:

107. Denver shunt used in ?

108. Preservation of ilioinguinal nerve is an important step in inguinal operation while -

109. Most common complication of Hiatal hernia is ?

110. Not a criteria of a solitary benign pulmonary nodule on Chest X-ray -

111. A 45yrs female presented with recurrent attacks of giddiness and abdominal pain since three months.Endoscopy was normal. Her fasting blood glucose was 40 mg% and insulin levels were elevated. CT abdomen showed a well defined 8 mm enhancing lesion in the head of pancreas,with no other abnormal findings. The treatment plan for this patient is-

112. 5% dextrose in normal saline is -

113. True regarding Barret's oesophagus is -

114. Most common site of cholangiocarcinoma ?

115. Perineal hematoma after trauma is due to ?

116. Most common origin of cerebral metastases is -

117. A pt. operated for direct inguinal hernia developed anethesia at the root of the penis and adjacent part of the scrotum the nerve likely to be injured is:

118. Tumor marker for primary hepatocellular carcinoma are all except -

119. Adenocarcinoma of esophagus is commonly found in:

120. Orchidopexy is done in case of undescended tests at the age of -

121. Use of tamoxifen in carcinoma of breast patients does not lead to the following side effects

122. In erect posture commonest site of foreign body in bronchus:

123. Electrical pacemaker of stomach is situated in

124. Lumbar sympathectomy done in all except:

125. Hernia that is least likely to strangulate is -

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