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1. A 49 year old man suffering from carcinoma of prostate was x-rayed.He showed areas of sclerosis and collapse of T10 and T11 vertebrae in x-ray.The spread of this cancer to the above vertebrae was through

2. Abbey estender flap is based on -

3. Burst abdomen most commonly occurs on the

4. In extraperitoneal rupture of bladder, urine extravasates in -

5. A 45yrs male after laparoscopic cholecystectomy,specimen is sent for histopathology which shows CA gallbladder stage T1a. Most appropriate management is:

6. Acalculous cholecystitis is seen in -

7. A 21 yrs old pt.attended a party the previous night and gives the following symptoms . pain in abdomen radiating to back,pulse 100/min,BP 100/76 . temp 39 degree C and vomittings before coming Most probable dx is:

8. After head injury,biconvex,lenticular shape hematoma in CT scan is characterstic of which of the following:

9. Meconium ileus is usually associated with all of the following EXCEPT

10. Which of the following is the Post - Chemotherapy based staging system in Wilm's tumor

11. The 3 yrs old boy presents with poor urinary stream.Most likely cause is:

12. For open pneumothorax which of the following is M/n of choice -

13. All of the following about benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) are true EXCEPT -

14. Which of the following is not associated with increased incidence of carcinoma esophagus

15. A 45 year old female presents with symptoms of acute Cholecystitis.On USG there is a solitary gallstone of size 1.5 cm.Symptoms are controlled with medical management.Which of the following is the next most appropriate step in the management of this patient?

16. Biopsy from a mole on the left foot shows cytologic atypia of melanocytes and diffuse epidermal infiltration by anaplastic cells,which are also present in the papillary and reticular dermis.The most possible diagnosis is:

17. Most common site of lentigo maligna melanoma is:

18. Which of the following is not used in the management of thyroid storm ?

19. A 28-year-old man presents with a single descended testis and a 6 cm solid mass seen by CT. The most likely diagnosis is -

20. Most common site for carcinoma stomach is -

21. Buerger's disease affects

22. Sitaram a 40-year old man,met with an accident and comes to emergency department with engorged neck veins,pallor,rapid pulse and chest pain.Diagnosis is:

23. Which of the following is the commonest tumour of thyroid -

24. The causal mechanism in carcinoid syndrome is due to -

25. Which of the following ulcer may develop in burn tissue ?

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