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51. Griesofulvin is given for the treatment of fungal infection in finger nail dermatophytosis for:

52. Atopic dermatitis is diagnosed by -

53. 20 year old male male develops, multiple ulcer over prepuce and glans, which are painful along with suppurative inguinal lymphadenopathy, 5 days after having sexual intercourse with a lady, most probable diagnosis is -

54. Which of the following shows deposition of IgA in dermal papilla

55. In an 8 day old child with no history of consanguinity in the parents,the mother reports blisters and bleeding off of the skin at the site of handling and pressure.There was a similar history in the previous child which proved to be fatal.The diagnosis is:

56. A patient presents with erythematous scaly lesions on extensor aspect of elbows and knee.The clinical diagnosis is got by:

57. Annular herald's patch is seen in -

58. Maximum malignant potential is seen in:

59. A 17 year old girl with Acne has been taking a drug for the last two years.She now presents with blue black pigmentation of nails.The likely medication causing the above pigmentation is

60. Commonest site of herpes Gestationis is -

61. 10 yrs old child has violaceous papule and pterygium of nails. The diagnosis is -

62. Non cicatrical alopecia is present in -

63. Nail involvement is not a feature of -

64. 'Exclamation mark' hair is a feature of -

65. Primary bullous lesions is seen in which type of syphilis

66. A farmer has single warty lesion on leg. Which of the following could be most likely lesion-

67. Maculae ceruleae are caused by

68. Causative factor for acne are all except -

69. Scarring alopecia is seen in:

70. A pt. presents with scarring Alopecia,thinned nails,hypopigmented macular lesions over trunk and oral mucosa.The diagnosis is:

71. All are presentation in psoriasis except -

72. Max. Joseph's space is a histopathological feature of -

73. Acantholysis is characteristic of:

74. Erysipelas is a skin infection often caused by -

75. Gluten free diet is beneficial in -

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