Skin-Questions Related Question Answers

1. Groove sign is seen in ?

2. Spaghetti and meat ball appearance in KOH mount is seen in -

3. Which of the following Tuberculids is characterized by involvement of sweat gland,and hair follicles with non caseating epitheloid granulomas?

4. Tuberculosis of skin is called as -

5. Exclamation mark hairs are seen in -

6. Treatment of acne -

7. Chancroid may be caused by:

8. Apocrine glands are found mainly in -

9. Comedones are seen in -

10. Fine reticular pigmentation with palmar pits are seen in-

11. Acantholysis is seen in all of the following except -

12. Chloroquine causes exacerbation of -

13. Wickham's striae is seen in -

14. Auspitz sign is seen in -

15. Cell mediated immunity is maximally suppressed in -

16. Commonest skin infection in children is -

17. Psoralen - A is used in the treatment of -

18. Skin pigmentation and Icthyosis like side effects are seen in

19. Vitamin D analogue calcitriol is useful in the treatment of -

20. Drug of choice in Herpes zoster -

21. Acne vulgaris is due to involvement of -

22. Total Skin Electron Irradiation is used for the treatment of:

23. Granular layer is absent in -

24. Skin biopsy in leprosy is characterized by:

25. Kobner phenomenon is present in all except -

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