Simple-Interest Related Question Answers

101. How many 256 x 4 RAM chips are needed to organize a memory of capacity 32 KB?

102. Specific rate constant for a second order reaction

103. An instance of relational schema R (A, B, C) has distinct values of A including NULLvalues. Which one of the following is true?

104. Which of the following transport layer protocol is used to support electronic mail?

105. Carbon monoxide is commonly used to produce free metals from their oxides. What is the coefficient of carbon monoxide in the balanced equation for the production of cobalt from ?

106. These types of pipes are generally connected with bell and spigot joints or flanged joints:

107. If the propagation time is 10 ms and transmission time is 100ms, then what is the efficiency of the Ethernet?

108. Two computers C1 and C2 are configured as follows. C1 has IP address and netmask C2 has IP address and netmask which one of the following statements is true?

109. For hot feed, forward feeding as compared to backward feeding results in __________ economy.

110. If the path of liquid across the plate is very long as in case of large diameter tower, Murphree efficiency can be __________ percent.

111. A thermal process that causes reactions between an ore and the atmosphere of the furnace is called __________.

112. If the vapour pressure at two temperatures of a solid phase in equilibrium with its liquid phase are known, then the latent heat of fusion can be calculated by the

113. In any spontaneous process,

114. Prime structural disadvantage of P/M products

115. If ∑ = {a, b, d, e, f } then number of strings in ∑ of length 4 such that no symbol is used more than once in a string is

116. The pressure at a point in a fluid is not the same in all directions, when the fluid is viscous and

117. The threads may share all of the following except

118. Cast iron is characterized by minimum of following % of carbon

119. E-mail uses SMTP as application layer protocol. SMTP uses TCP as transport layer protocolIn the IPv4 addressing format, the number of networks allowed under Class C addresses is

120. Heating of water under atmospheric pressure is an __________ process.

121. Coefficient of friction is

122. The impact strength of an material is an index of its

123. If w ∈ (a, b)* satisfy abw = wab, then (w) is

124. In a reversible chemical reaction (where, Δx = number of moles of products-number of moles of reactants )

125. In E-R Diagram relationship type is represented by

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