Sauerkraut-and-Pickles Related Question Answers

1. Which statement is true about flavouring materials spices, garlic etc. added to Dill pickles?

2. The growth of black-pigmented Bacillus nigrificans, a causative agent of black pickle is favoured by

3. An excessively high temperature in the fermentation of sauerkraut may inhibit the growth of

4. Hollow pickles are obtained as a result of

5. Slippery pickles occur due to

6. Blackening in pickles occurs due to

7. Gassy spoilage of green olives is usually caused by

8. Abnormal fermentation of cabbage may result in a cheese like odour caused by

9. Floaters or bloaters may result from

10. Shriveling in fermented pickles results from the physical effect of

11. The favouring conditions for floaters is

12. Soft pickles are made so by pectolytic enzymes mostly from

13. Too long a fermentation of sauerkraut may favour the growth of

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