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1. Which of the following is true about Secular trend

2. The regression between height and age follows y=a+bx.The curve is

3. Which of the following is used as an indicator for recent fecal contamination of water ?

4. Community physician takes action based on -

5. Which of the following renowned personality had polio:

6. Class II exposure in animal bites includes the following:

7. For a survey, a village is divided into 5 lanes then each lane is sampled randomly. It is an example of -

8. The P value of a test comparing two drugs is 0.01,what is the inference?

9. For Mantoux test the standard dose of tuberculine used in India is:

10. Which one of the following is a good index of the severity of an acute disease?

11. Disinfection of water by routine chlorination can be classified as -

12. Prevalacnce of cataract at one point of time can be determined by

13. Village Health Guide measures the state of malnutrition in an under-5 child by using:

14. Comprehensive emergency obstetric care does not include -

15. All of the following statements are true about Prevalence except

16. The screening strategy for prevention of blindness from diabetic retinopathy according to the NPCB involves.

17. A man use to take 20 cigarettes per day and started coughing.Family suggest quitting cigarettes.He is ready to quit but thinks that quitting will make him irritable.The best health planning model followed here is:

18. Which of the following is false regarding antigenic drift?

19. Reference weight of Indian men and women is ?

20. In a HIV infected child which vaccine should not be given:

21. An IQ of 42 falls in which category of mental retardation?

22. Which of the following is the least likely cause of neonatal mortality in India:

23. Highest content of protein is found in -

24. Under the Prevention of Food Adulteration(PFA) Act, the expected level of iodine in iodixed salt at production level is NOT less than -

25. As per ESI Act,sickness benefit acts for:

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