Radiology-Questions Related Question Answers

1. Ideal imaging method for diagnosis of hydrocephalous in infant is -

2. Which of the following statements about Stochastic effects of radiation is true

3. An eight year old boy presents with back pain and mild fever.His plain X-ray of the dorsolumbar spine reveals a solitary collapsed dorsal vertebra with preserved disc spaces.There was no associated soft tissue shadow.The most likely diagnosis is:

4. Radio iodine is used in treatment of -

5. Which of the following causes rib-notching on the chest radiograph?

6. Most harmful to individual cell -

7. On USG finding of cystic hygroma in fetus is suggestive of -

8. Wimberger's sign is seen in ?

9. Radiological feature of cupping of metaphysis is seen in -

10. Radiological inv. shows sun rays appearance,dx is-

11. Patient with a metallic foreign body in eye, which investigation is not done -

12. Gold standard for diagnosis pulmonary embolism -

13. Best investigation for cardiac temponade is

14. A 6 years old boy has seen complaining of headache, ignoring to see the object on the side for 4 months.On examination, he is not mentally retarded, his grades at school are good and visual activity is diminished in both the eyes, visual charting showed significant field effect.CT scan of the head showed suprasellar mass with calcification.Which of the following is the most probable diagnosis ?

15. Which of the following is not true regarding Ossified Posterior Longitudinal Ligament(OPLL)?

16. A/E are Radiological features of Mitral Stenosis:

17. Increased Radioisotope uptake is seen in A/E -

18. In a Down's syndrome patient posted for surgery, the necessary pre-operative investigation to be done is -

19. Most radiosensitive of cell cycle -

20. A newborn presenting with intestinal obstruction and constipation showed,on abdominal X-ray,multiple air fluid levels.The diagnosis is not likely to be:

21. A 15 yrs old boy had 10-12 partial complex seizures per day in spite of adequate 4 drug antiepileptic regime.He had history of repeated high grade fever in childhood.MRI for epilepsy protocol revealed normal brain scan.What should be the best non invasive strategy to make a definite diagnosis so that he can be prepared to undergo epilepsy surgery

22. A young man with tuberculosis presents with massive recurrent hemoptysis.For angiographic treatment which vascular structure should be evaluated first

23. All are the features of ectopic pregnancy in USG except:

24. Extensive pleural thickening and calcification especially involving the diaphragmatic pleura are classical features of:

25. Poor wound Healing is seen in -

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