Quiz-on-World-War-I-19141919 Related Question Answers

1. Which early battle marked the first major German defeat?

2. Which country joined the war on the side of the Allied Powers in 1916?

3. How did Russia’s withdrawal affect the Allied forces?

4. What major change in German policy contributed to the United States entering the war?

5. Over which border region did fighting break out between Poland and Ukraine at the end of the war?

6. Which is true of Kaiser Wilhelm II?

7. What did Germany do in 1917 to hasten Russia’s exit from the war?

8. On what date did the United States declare war on Germany?

9. The commander of the German East Asia Squadron was

10. Which best describes the outcome of Russia’s peace negotiations?

11. Which of the following was a point of contention between the United States and the French and British?

12. Why did Britain need control of the Dardanelles?

13. Germany’s attack upon which country directly provoked Britain to go to war?

14. What pandemic disease threatened soldiers and civilians on all sides during the late stages of the war?

15. What event prompted the Ottoman Empire to enter the war?

16. Which battle was the first major victory for American troops?

17. What was the initial purpose of Britain’s invasion of Mesopotamia?

18. Which of the following best describes Lenin’s role in the February Revolution?

19. Where was the initial armistice with Germany negotiated?

20. Austria-Hungary made its armistice

21. The Zimmermann telegram urged which country to attack the United States?

22. Which best describes Austria-Hungary’s progress early in the war?

23. The formal peace treaty with Germany

24. Following the declaration of war, U.Sforces

25. What was Lenin’s first decree after the Bolshevik Revolution?

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