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1. John Brown’s Pottawatomie Massacre

2. The Battle of Shiloh

3. What did Harriet Tubman and other Underground Railroad “conductors” defy?

4. What did Lincoln do in his first inaugural address?

5. What did the Legal Tender Act do?

6. What did the Wilmot Proviso do?

7. All of the following were Northern strengths going into the war except

8. Why were the Lincoln-Douglas debates significant in Lincoln’s political career?

9. Why was Britain not as dependent on Southern cotton as the Confederacy had believed?

10. Roger Taney declared the Missouri Compromise unconstitutional on the grounds that

11. All of the following were consequences of the Kansas-Nebraska Act except

12. What did John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry demonstrate?

13. In terms of structure, the Confederate government was similar in many ways to

14. All of the following were components of the Compromise of 1850 except

15. Who were the “border ruffians”?

16. Which of the following states was not a border state?

17. What did Stephen Douglas’s Freeport Doctrine challenge?

18. Britain and the Union almost went to war over

19. Why did Southern Democrats refuse to support Stephen Douglas in the election of 1860?

20. All of the following were true about the election of 1860 except

21. Lincoln’s primary objective during the war was

22. The National Banking Act

23. Why did Jefferson Davis request the Hampton Roads Conference with the North?

24. Lincoln was different from Davis in that he

25. The 1857 Dred Scott vSanford decision prompted

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