Quantitative-Aptitude Related Question Answers

1. 36% of 4800 * 0.2% of 1320 = ?

2. The perimeter of a semicircular path is 36m. find the area of this semicircular path.

3. In the following number series a wrong number is given. Find out the wrong number 7 9 16 27 47 77 119

4. The perimeter of rectangular field is 52 m. If the length of the field is 2 m more than thrice the breadth, than what is the breadth of the field?

5. 150 cc of pure alcohol is dilute by adding 650 cc of water. The new 800 cc mixture contains the following quantity of pure alcohol -

6. (560 ÷ 32) * (720 ÷ 48) = ?

7. In a castle, there is provision of food for 150 men for 50 days. After 20 days 50 men leave the castle. The remaining food will last for -

8. If x is 25% of y and y is 50% of z then x:z is

9. Two circles with centres A and B and radius 2 nunits touch each other externally at `C'. A third circle with centre `C' and radius `2' units meets other two at D & E. Then the area of the quadrilateral ABDE is

10. The difference between the middle number of three consecutive odd numbers and the middle number of the three consecutive odd numbers and the middle number of three consecutive even numbers is 7. What will be the difference between the total of these odd numbers and the total of these even numbers?

11. If the Product of two mutually prime positive integer be x, then their L.C.M. is equal to -

12. (5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5)&sup4; x (5 x 5)&sup6; ÷(5)² =(25)&sup?

13. Two circular metallic discs have a thickness of 15 mm. Their areas are in the ratio of 9:1. The smaller dia disc is pressed against the bigger disc and rotated around it on a flat surface. How many times will the small disc rotate before it completes one circle of the bigger disc?

14. (36)2 + (47)2 ÷ ? = 28.04

15. A person buys an article for Rs. 120 and sell at Rs. 150. Find gain percent.

16. A sells a cycle to B at a profit of 10%, B sells to C at a profit of 20%. If C pays Rs. 264 for it, how much did A pay for it?

17. The cost of 7 tables and 12 chairs is Rs. 48,250. What is the cost of 21 tables and 36 chairs?

18. (17891 + 16239 - 26352) * ? = 93336

19. Parag walks 226 meters every day. How many kilometers will he walk in five weeks?

20. The difference between two, two-digit numbers is one-third of one of the numbers. What is definitely the sum of these two numbers?

21. If a+b = 1 and a3+b3+3ab=k, then the value of k is

22. The average weight of a group of 75 girls was calculated as 47 kgs. It was later discovered that the weight of one of the girls was read as 45 kgs., whereas her actual weight was 25 kgs. What is the actual average wight of the group of 75 girls? (Rounded off to two digits after decimal)

23. The ratio between the percentages of Jayesh and Sudhir is 4:5. The ratio between their ages after 5 years will be 5:6. What will be Sudhir's age after 10 years?

24. 129.36 - 12.57 + 97.31 = ?

25. 8059 - 7263 - ? x 40

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