Psychiatry-Questions Related Question Answers

1. Melancholic features of Major Depressive Psychosis include all except

2. A man taking 20 cigarettes per day, started coughing, his family suggested quitting cigarettes.He is ready to quit but thinks quitting will make him irritable, the best health planning model followed is

3. All are true about Delirium tremens except -

4. Yawning is a common feature of -

5. One of the following is a reversible cause of dementia -

6. The content of thought in delusional paranomia is -

7. All of the following are features of hallucinations,except:

8. All are adulterants of heroin, except -

9. A 2-year-old boy presents with delayed speech and communication skills.He is not making friends and finds it difficult to concentrate.He is also observed to repeatedly spending time staring at his own hands.Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis:

10. Neurotransmitter raised in scizophrenia:

11. Active substance in Hashish is -

12. Repetitive hand washing is symptom of

13. Which is not an ego defence mechanism -

14. A female presents with the history of slashed wrists and attempted suicide,now present with similar history.The diagnosis is:

15. A 65 year old male is brought to the outpatient clinic with one year illness characterized by marked forgetfulness, visual hallucinations, suspiciousness, personality decline, poor self, care and progressive deterioration in his condition.His Mini Mental Status Examination(MMSE) Score is 10.His most likely diagnosis is -

16. Thanatophobia is fear of -

17. Features(s) suggestive of schizophrenia rather than organic psychosis is/are -

18. An obsessive compulsive neurosis patient is likely to develop -

19. An elderly woman suffering from schizophrenia is on antipsychotic medication.she develops purposeless involuntary facial and limb movements, constant chewing and puffing of cheeks.Which of the following drugs is least likely to be involved in this effect -

20. Drugs used in Heroin withdrawl are A/E -

21. Transmitters mainly involved in OCN is -

22. Alexithymia is -

23. Hysteria is characterized by -

24. True about bipolar disorder type II is -

25. The newest Antidepressant is -

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