Physiology-Questions Related Question Answers

1. Salivation by dog seen when food is given along with ringing of a bell is:

2. ADT test is for -

3. Righting reflexes in humans are integrated at the level of

4. True about function of brain are all except

5. Human insulin differs from beef insulin by how many number of amino acid residues

6. Delta waves are seen in:

7. Excitable tissue at rest is least permeable to

8. Delta waves in ECG are seen in -

9. P.G. increasing the renal blood flow is -

10. Entracellular binding site on Na- Kpump is -

11. Shifting of the oxygen dissociation curve to the right indicate -

12. Mean arterial pressure is ?

13. The nucleus involved in Pepez circuit is:

14. The ECG of a 40 year old male was recorded using standard bipolar limb leads.The sum of voltages of the three standard leads was found to be 5 millivolts.This indicates -

15. In a person acclimitalized for high altitude, O2 saturation is maintained because of ?

16. The myocardial contraction is stimulated by -

17. True about Juxta glomerular apparatus of kidney -

18. 'Nerve terminals release chemicals' release chemicals'- discovered by

19. Which of the following is not true about CSF -

20. 'Inflation of lungs induces further inflation' is explained by -

21. All of the following structures lie in the renal medulla, except

22. Function of basal ganglia include -

23. Tidal volume excessive load is prevented by activation of which of the following receptors -

24. About paradoxical sleep. true is -

25. Which volume is true about serotonin ?

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