Performance-Management-and-Appraisal Related Question Answers

1. The basic approach in employee performance compares their current performance to

2. In 360-degree feedback, the ratings are collected from

3. When the action plan is prepared for correcting performance deficiencies is

4. The most easiest performance appraisal interview is

5. The situation in which the subordinates collude to rate high each other

6. The human resource department serves as

7. The performance management distinct feature is

8. The performance management includes

9. The rating of all employees equal such as 'good' is called

10. When the person's performance is not satisfactory but can be improved is

11. The system that measures ongoing performance and e-mails reports is called

12. The performance management ensures

13. The alternation ranking method is classified as

14. The company's HR team is responsible for

15. The step in which the employer and employee discuss his performance and plans for future is

16. Enabling employees to link the company's and his own department goals is

17. The reason that why employers are moving to performance management is

18. The advantage of 'critical incident method' is

19. The process that enables manager to make comparison between employee's and his department goals is

20. The 'unclear standards' usually results in

21. The performance management is always

22. The feedback process's integral part is

23. When the person's performance is neither satisfactory nor correctable is

24. The management guru Edward Deming argues that employee's performance is the result of

25. The interview in which you discussed person's career plans and plan professional development, it is said to be

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