Pathology-Questions Related Question Answers

101. Typical pigmentation along the gingival margin is seen in

102. Which of the following is characteristically not associated with the development of interstitial lung disease ?

103. Deposition of calcium in dying tissue is called -

104. All of the following are mediators of inflammation except -

105. Average time taken for myocardial infarction to heal completely is -

106. Commonest mass in the middle mediastinum is -

107. Reye's syndrome - histological finding -

108. On sectioning of an organ at the time of autopsy,a focal,wedge-shaped firm area is seen accompanied by extensive hemorrhage,with a red appearance.The lesion has a base on the surface of the organ.This findings is typically of

109. Section from a solid-cystic unilateral ovarian tumor in a 30 year old female show a tumor composed of diffuse sheets of small cells with doubtful nuclear grooving and scanty cytoplasm.No Call-Exner bodies are seen. The ideal immunohistochemistry panel would include -

110. Which of the following is not compatible with a diagnosis of chronic myelomonocytic leukemia?

111. Cresentric Glomerulonephritis may be seen in all of the following Except:

112. Pale infarct is not seen in

113. Granulomatous inflammatory reaction is caused by all,except:

114. A 40 yrs old man has chronic cough with fever for several months.The chest radiograph reveals a diffuse reticulondular pattern.Microscopically on transbronchial biopsy there are focal areas of inflammation containing epitheloid cell granuloma.Langhans giant cells,and lymphocytes.These findings are typical for which of the following type of hypersensitivity immunologic responses:

115. Neuroglia responsible for phagocytosis is -

116. The membraneprotein,clathrin is involved in:

117. Oxygen dependent killing is done through

118. All of the following is true except

119. Brain natriuretic peptide is degraded by -

120. Inheritance pattern of Hemophillia is ?

121. Degeneration of the basement membrane is mediated by:

122. Irreversible cell injury is indicated by:

123. A young lady presented with bilateral nodular lesions on shins.She was also found to have bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy on chest X-ray.Mantoux test reveals indurations of 5 mms.Skin biopsy would reveal:

124. All of the following are examples of a round cell tumor, except -

125. Following is related to maximum risk of colon carcinoma

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