Pathology-Questions Related Question Answers

1. Atheroma resulting in angina has following characteristic except:

2. Not characteristic feature of granuloma -

3. Antiglomerular basement antibody is seen in -

4. Not a complication of acute viral hepatitis ?

5. The finding of large multinucleated, clumps of cells in the bronchial secretions of a 2-year-old girl with acute bronchopneumonia suggests that this infection is caused by

6. Russell bodies are

7. A 65 yrs old chronic smoker, mass in bronchus resected.Most useful immunohistochemical marker to make a proper diagnosis would be -

8. Which of the following carcinoma most frequently metastasizes to brain -

9. A patient with HB-6 gm, TLC 12000, PLATELET - 60000, MCV 12FL, what is the diagnosis -

10. A 25 years old woman presented with primary amenorrhea, short stature, webbed neck, broad chest and widely spaced pages. Examination showed weak pulses in lower extremity and streak ovaries. Which of the following karyotype is most likely to be present ?

11. Hidradenitis suppurativa is found in-

12. Toxic megacolon is most commonly associated with

13. ALL L3 morphology is a malignancy arising from which cell lineage

14. Substance that can cause Anaphylactic shock is ?

15. commonest histological finding in benign hypertension

16. Reye's syndrome is diagnosed by using with stain -

17. Actions of Bradykinin include all of the following, except

18. Gluten sensitive enteropathy is most strongly associated with:

19. Hyperacute rejection is due to

20. Which of the following is known as the 'guardian of the genome' ?

21. True all except

22. Which statement is false regarding familial adenomatous polyposis:

23. Which of the following has a direct role of apoptosis ?

24. Most common histological types of lung carcinoma in India is:

25. Manifestations of lung cancer are, A/E -

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