Orthopaedic-Questions Related Question Answers

1. All of the following can cause a white pupillary reflex except:

2. A patient involved in a road traffic accident presents with quadriparesis,sphincter disturbance,sensory level up to the upper border of sternum and a respiratory rate of 35/minute.The likely level of lesion is:

3. All the following are benign tumors except

4. Most common cause of VIC in children due to-

5. Fat embolism is diagnosed by

6. Stellate ganglion block is useful in:

7. A 30 yrs old male was brought to the casually following a road traffic accident.His physical examination revealed that his right lower limb was short,internally rotated,and flexed and adducted at the hip.The most likely diagnosis is:

8. Which of the following deformity occurs in polio

9. All of the following nerves are involved ai entrapment neuropathy except:

10. Which ligament is involved in Pes planus ?

11. Patient develops myelopathy post trauma.What does of methyl prednisolone is to be given -

12. Commonest site of fracture leading to fat-embolism is:

13. First step to be done in supra condylar fracture humerus with vascular injury in casualty -

14. Surgical excision is contraindicated in -

15. X-ray of a young man shows hetrotopic calcification around bilateral knee joints.Next investigation should be -

16. A compartment syndrome in a leg can result from all of the following EXCEPT

17. Which one of the following is the investigation of choice for evaluation of suspected perthes'disease?

18. In children best remodelling is seen in fracture with -

19. A patient presents with heterotopic ossification around the knee joint.The laboratory investigation of choice in him is:

20. A 60 year old male has bone pain, vertebral collapse, fracture pelvis, the probable diagnosis is -

21. Tuberculosis of Bone is characterized by:

22. A 11 year old,70kg child presents with limitation of abduction and internal rotation.There is tenderness in scarpas triangle.On flexing the hip,the limb is abducted.The diagnosis is:

23. Osteoclastic giant cells are seen in all except:

24. Cubitus varus is the commonest complication of

25. Clutton's joint is seen in ?

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