Ophthalmics-Questions Related Question Answers

101. Second common malignancy in patients of retinoblastoma is ?

102. Amaurotic cat's eye reflex is seen in:

103. Which one of the following stromal dystrophy is a recessive condition?

104. Shortest acting mydriatic is ?

105. Most common cause of retinitis in AIDS:

106. In maturity onset diabetes mellitus,ophthalmoscopy should be done at

107. Typical appearance of diabetic cataract is -

108. Quadrant hemianopia occurs due to lesion in ?

109. Sun flower cataract is seen in -

110. Anterior uveitis in hypertensive patient.Drug of choice is to decrease the IOP

111. Giant papillary conjunctivitis is caused by -

112. Epinephrine not used in -

113. A young patient presents with significant loss of central vision and a normal ERG.There is no obvious family history of similar presentation.The most likely diagnosis:

114. Drug required for dilatation of eye in patient of children with squint -

115. In glaucomatous optic atrophy which of the following cells are damaged -

116. Most common malignant tumour of eyelid is -

117. Occulomotor nerve palsy causes all except -

118. A male patient with a history of hypermature cataract presents with a 2 day history of ciliary congestion,photophobia,blurring of vision and on examination has a deep anterior chamber in the right eye.The left eye is normal.The diagnosis is:

119. Which of the following involve cerebral cortex:

120. A biopsy was performed for a patient with recurrent chalazion involving the upper lid.The most likely diagnosis on histopathology is:

121. Dalen fuchs nodules are seen in -

122. Safe startegy is for -

123. Central Retinal artery occlusion is known to be associated with:

124. Volume of eye ball is ?

125. Congenital pit in optic nerve causes ?

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