Ophthalmics-Questions Related Question Answers

51. Pupillary finding in iridocyclitis

52. Anterior chamber is best seen by:

53. A patient has normal anterior chamber and hazy cornea in one eye and shallow ant chamber and miotic pupil in fellow eye.The diagnosis is:

54. Weakness of extraocular muscle may be seen in all of the following conditions except:

55. Keyser-Fleischer ring is a feature of -

56. Complicated cataract occurs at ?

57. The most common malignant orbital tumor in children is

58. Treatment of choice for acute angle closure glaucoma is -

59. Most sensitive part of retina is -

60. Orbital metastasis is common in -

61. Which of the following statements is true regarding Acanthamoeba keratitis?

62. Which of the following can cause Superior quadrantopia

63. All of the following true about contact lens except:

64. Disc edema is not seen in ?

65. Beaded margin of eyelid is seen in -

66. The pigmented neurosensory epithelium of retina is continuation of ?

67. Polychromatic Lustre is seen in -

68. Coloured halos are seen in all, except -

69. A patient complains of pain both eyes with congestion.Blurring of vision,photophobia and mucopurulent discharge since one day.Many cases have been reported from the same community.The causative agent is probably:

70. A patient of glaucoma with bronchial asthma presents to the emergency with status asthamaticus,causative agent might have been)

71. Yttrium laser (YAG) is used in treatment of -

72. Action of superior oblique is following except -

73. A 12 year old boy presents with recurrent attacks of conjunctivitis for the last 2 years with intense itching and ropy discharge.The diagnosis is

74. Inclusion conjunctivities is caused by -

75. Protonopes have defect in identifying which colour :

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