Ophthalmics-Questions Related Question Answers

1. Shafer's sign is seen in ?

2. True regarding acute angle closure glaucoma are all except:

3. A soft contact lens users has corneal keratitis cause is-

4. A 3 month child presented with 15 degree aesotropia.The treatment of choice is:

5. Which of the following laser is used in LASIK

6. The most common refractive error is:

7. Leucokoria can be seen in all except:

8. A 29 years old man with IDDM for the last 14 years develops sudden vision loss,has non proliferating diabetic retinopathy,cause is:

9. A 60-year-old aphakic male with psoriatic arthropathy and Hansen's disease comes in your chamber.What will be best management?

10. Ciliary congestion occurs in all except:

11. Hordeolum interum is -

12. All are true about angle closure glaucoma except:

13. Chaclosis is seen with -

14. The most common vascular Cause of isolated third nerve palsy in a young person is a berry aneurysm arising from -

15. Coloured haloes around light is seen in:

16. Cobblestone appearance of conjunctiva is typically seen with -

17. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes ?

18. Most common cause of unilateral proptosis is -

19. Function of superior oblique muscle is:

20. Iris pearl are seen in ?

21. The organism which can invade the normal corneal epithelium is -

22. Tonography helps you to determine:

23. Snow blindness is caused by:

24. The major function of Major Intrinsic Protein 26 (MIP-26) is:

25. Cobble stone is found in:

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