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1. Fetal marker of growth in USG is ?

2. The ratio of fetal weight and placental weight at term is ?

3. Methergin is avoided in all except -

4. A woman has had 2 previous anencephalic babies,risk of having a third one is:

5. Which of the following is associated with hydatidiform mole -

6. DIC occurs in all except -

7. Ovarian tumour which is bilateral -

8. The regimen used for expectant management of placenta previa is-

9. Which type of Hb is not affected by Rh isoimmunisation -

10. All of the following are harmone dependent carcinoma except:

11. Ca - 125 is a marker antigen for the diagnosis of -

12. The pseudomyxoma peritonei occurs as a complication of the following ovarian tumor -

13. Diagonal conjugate means -

14. Cut-off value of cervical length at 24 weeks of gestation for prediction of preterm delivery is:

15. The hormone responsible for a positive 'Fern test' is

16. Neurological defect seen in fetus of diabetic mother is ?

17. Painless vaginal bleeding in 32 weeks pregnancy is of:

18. Which is the most significant finding in cardiotocography for detection of fetal hypoxia -

19. Abnormal bleeding associated with myomata uteri is characterized by all of the following -EXCEPT -

20. Today vaginal sponge failure rate is ?

21. Which of the following dietry supplements is recommended for a pregnant lady on Heparin:

22. All are done in management of shoulder dystocia except -

23. Preterm labour is associated with all except:

24. Absolute induction of Ceasrean Section is ?

25. Which one of the following congenital malformations of the fetus can be diagnosed earliest in a first trimester ultrasound?

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