Nutrition-in-General Related Question Answers

1. Vibrio bacteria are a variation of

2. Muscles are mostly made up of

3. In hot climates, average water consumption must be

4. Vitamin D can be created from a natural substance under the skin called as

5. Fossil fuels

6. Opium, morphine and heroin are examples of

7. Salivary and pancreatic amylase help digest

8. Optic lobes are found in

9. One unit of blood is equivalent to

10. Organelle playing an active part in cell division is called as

11. Hydrophytes may be

12. Peristalsis is enabled through

13. A highly concentrated urine is produced by

14. The examples of plumed fruits include

15. Catabolic activities include

16. The junction of stock and scion is protected through wax in

17. Peristalsis prevents

18. Parenting organs are also referred to as

19. The sub-phylum Vertebrata is divided into

20. Post fertilization, pericarp gets developed from

21. In dim light, the circular muscles

22. The rate of evaporation is decreased through the

23. Oxidation does not involve

24. For successful grafting, the stock and scion shall be

25. Starch is commonly formed and stored in

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