Nitrogen-Fixation-And-Photosynthesis Related Question Answers

101. A, B and C are employed to do a piece of work for Rs.529. A and B together are supposed to do 19/23 of the work and Band C together 8/23 of the work. What amount should A be paid?

102. Consider regular expression (0 1) (0 1) ....... n times. Minimum state finite automaton that recognizes the language represented by this regular expression contains

103. A bag contains 6 black and 8 white balls. One ball is drawn at random. What is the probability that the ball drawn is white?

104. Consider two modules A and B, both utility programs in the same organization developed by the same team of programmers, where a and b are the sizes, respetively. The cost to develop each module is Ca and Cb. The efforts are Ea and Eb. if Ca > Cb t

105. Avinash borrowed Rs. 5000 from Sanjay at simple interest. After 3 years, Sanjay got Rs. 300 more than what he had given to Avinash. What was the rate of interest per annum?

106. In a working refrigerator, the value of COP is always

107. Can a DFA simulate NFA?

108. If x is a whole number, then x²(x² - 1) is always divisible by

109. If (G, .) is a group, such that (ab)2 = a2 b2 ∀ a, b ∈ G, then G is a/an

110. If f : {a, b}* —> (a, b}* be given by f (n) = ax for every value of n ∈ (a, b}, then f is

111. the initial state of a MOD-16 down counter is 0110. What state will it be after 37 clock pulses?

112. The sum of first 45 natural numbers is

113. The major difference between a moore and mealy machine is that

114. An operating system contains 3 user processes each requiring 2 units of resourceR .The minimum number of units of R such that no deadlocks will ever arise is

115. The Stoke\'s stream function applies to the

116. G (e, a, b, c} is an abelian group with \'e\' as identity element. The order of the other elements are

117. What will be the output of the program if the array begins at address 65486?

118. If the torque angle of the alternator increases indefinitely the system will show:

119. When a computer is first turned on or resrarted, a special type of absolute loader is executed called

120. If a book costs $5.70 after a 40% discount, what was its original price?

121. Total number of stress components at a point within a soil mass loaded at its boundary is

122. Noble metal

123. Determine the % Fe composition by mass of the iron alloy in which nickel replaces one-half of the iron atoms (at room temperature).

124. Finned tube heat exchangers

125. Which of the following interrupt is non maskable

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