Microbiology-Questions Related Question Answers

51. Which of the following is not seen in HIV Patient wit CD4 count less than 100 Per micro litre,who has non productive cough:

52. All are true about brucella except-

53. A pregnant woman from bihar presents with hepatic encephalopathy.The likely diagnosis:

54. When and Flare reaction is which type of Hypersensitivity ?

55. Which of the following is not true about transmission

56. Gas gangrene is caused by -

57. A child has respiratory infection with membrane over Peritonsillar area.Swab was taken from the local area.The appropriate media for culture is:

58. Virulence determinant implicated in pathogenesis of scarlet fever is -

59. Swine flue is caused by ?

60. Undulant fever is caused by -

61. Germ tube test is diagnosis for -

62. Which of the following is False about mycetoma

63. Brucella is transmitted by all except:

64. The disposable plastic syringes are best sterilized by

65. Enteroviruses are associated with all of the following,Except:

66. Cholera toxin effects are mediated by stimulation of which of the following second messengers:

67. The following is true for Mycoplasmas except:

68. After giving treatment for Syphilis,the response to treatment can be best assessed by:

69. A gardener has multiple vesicles on hand and multiple eruptions along the lymphatics. Most common fungus responsible is?

70. Most common agent causing tuberculosis in AIDS patient in tropical countries is :

71. In PNH the test of antigen from RBC cell surface is:

72. A farmer presents with pustules,which show Gram Positive Cocci on smear.Culture shows Beta hemolysis,and organisms are Catalase negative.To show that the identified organism is group A streptococci,which of the following test should be done?

73. 25 yrs old man with 3 weeks fever presented with tricuspid valve vegetation. Most common cause is ? MC cause of Endocorditis in I.V. drug abuse -

74. Which of the following immunoglobulins can croses placenta:

75. Innate immunity is stimulated by which part of bacteria ?

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