Microbiology-Questions Related Question Answers

1. All the following are true of Tuberculosis except

2. Hemorrhagic fever caused by viruses are all except -

3. Which infection is not common in HIV patients -

4. CD4 Lymphocytes (helper cells) rcognise -

5. Grave's disease is which type of hypersensitivity ?

6. True statement about ETEC-

7. A typical pneumonia is caused by:

8. Which of the following acts as an opsonin ?

9. Wiel Felix test is positive in all except -

10. Characteristic of bacilus cereus food poisoning is-

11. Which of the following statements about C.diphtheria is false:

12. Food poisoning in canned food is caused by ?

13. E.coli gets attached to a surface with the help of:

14. Causative agent of Q fever:

15. Negri bodies are mainly found in ?

16. Which of the following features is not shared between 'T cells' and 'B cells':

17. Bence Jones proteins are best described as

18. Which of the following is true -

19. A farmer rearing sheep,presented with complaints of fever and weakness for the last one month.There is generalised lymphadenopathy.There was also associated hepatomegaly Biopsy of liver showed non caseating granuloma.These are most likely due to infection with:-

20. Malaria pigment is formed by -

21. Cell type which lacks HLA antigen is -

22. A patient presents to the emergency department with history of persistant fever and cough.Radiological features are suggestive of pneumonia.Sputum examination cultures reveal aerobic branching gram positive filaments that are partially acid fast. Which of the following is the most likely etiological agent.

23. All of the following statements about V.cholera O139 are true Except:

24. Which of the following is most resistant to antiseptics:

25. A 36 years male presented with complain of production cough and fever for last 2 months.He has undergone kidney transplantation 2 years back. His sputum examination revealed many gram positive filamentous bacteria that showed acid fastness with modified Ziehl-Neelsen staining (1% H2SO4. The most likely etiological agent is -

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