Life-on-Earth Related Question Answers

126. MCQ The World Intellectual Property Organization was established in

127. The common mechanisms of motions in unicellular organisms are

128. MCQ The meaning of equinox is

129. MCQ The United Nations Development Programme was established in

130. The organelles in eukaryotic whose primary function is to process and package the lipids and proteins are known as

131. MCQ The fluid circulates in human blood which consists of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets is known as

132. Considering the RNA of cells, the Ribonucleic Acid synthesis of eukaryotic cells is

133. The Robert Hooke discovered the cell in

134. The number of cytoplasm structures in prokaryotes are

135. MCQ The first summit of the South Asian Association for Regional was held in

136. MCQ The thin hair like filaments usually found on the surface of bacteria is known as

137. MCQ The famous scientist Otto Hahn was died in

138. MCQ The first headset was invented by Nathaniel Baldwin in

139. The types of cells are

140. The gelatinous fluid that is filled in the cell and surrounds all the organelles is classified as

141. MCQ The centrosome present in eukaryotic cells are also known as

142. The process by which all the individual cells process nutrient molecules is classified as

143. The organisms which consists of single cell are known as

144. MCQ The pulp paper making process was invented in

145. MCQ Considering facts about Jupitar, the number of known rings of planet Jupiter are

146. MCQ Considering facts about Pacific ocean, the world's largest ocean Pacific Ocean shares its western boundary with

147. MCQ The Earth completes its one orbit around Sun in

148. MCQ The famous that invented the charge-coupled device are

149. MCQ The first unmanned mission to the Moon was launched in

150. MCQ The headquarter of World Intellectual Property Organization is located in

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