Life-on-Earth Related Question Answers

76. MCQ The process in which DNA is used to produce complementary RNA strand is known as

77. The cell division process in which the daughter cells are identical to their parent cells is classified as

78. MCQ The Austrian physicist Erwin Schrodinger won the Nobel Prize in

79. The organelle which directs the transport through Golgi apparatus and Endoplasmic Reticulum is known as

80. The method of cell division followed by prokaryotes is

81. MCQ The first mechanical calculator was built in 1642 by

82. The genetic material of human cells is present in the

83. In eukaryotes, the enzymes that rid the cell of all toxic peroxides are known as

84. MCQ The hydraulic fracturing technology was invented in

85. MCQ The theory of general relativity was developed by

86. The organelles present only in plants and algae which capture energy from Sun to make carbohydrates are called

87. The kind of metabolism in which cell reduce power to build complex molecules is classified as

88. MCQ During the meiosis II, the DNA replication

89. MCQ The countries whose borders lies both in Asia and Europe continent are

90. MCQ The greenhouse gases which is present in very high quantity is

91. The two forms of endoplasmic reticulum are

92. The glucose is broken down to make a substance called

93. MCQ The phase in which DNA replication occurs in cell cycle is classified as

94. The large complex of protein and RNA molecules is known as

95. MCQ The NATO-led security mission ISAF established by United Nations Security Council in Afghanistan is abbreviation of

96. The distinguishing feature of prokaryotes as compared to eukaryotes is

97. MCQ The second lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere is

98. Considering the RNA of cells, the Ribonucleic Acid of prokaryotic cells is

99. The thin hair like filaments usually found on the surface of bacteria is known as

100. MCQ The German scientist Herman Emil Fischer won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in

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