Life-on-Earth Related Question Answers

51. MCQ The fields of organic and physical chemist Jacobus Henricus van't Hoff are

52. MCQ Considering facts about solar system, the fifth planet from Sun after Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars is

53. The respiration of the eukaryotic cells takes place in

54. The cell walls of fungi are made up of substance named as

55. The rough endoplasmic reticulum is rough because it has

56. Considering types of nucleus, the eukaryotes cells have

57. MCQ The international Atomic Energy Agency reports to

58. MCQ The railway steam locomotive was invented by Richard Trevithick in

59. MCQ The first practical reflecting telescope was invented by

60. The transport network targeted for specific destinations and certain modifications in eukaryotic cells is classified as

61. MCQ The objects that revolve directly around the sun in particular orbit are known as

62. MCQ In the theory of general relativity, the point at which gravitational pull become so strong which makes escape impossible is classified as

63. The phase in which DNA replication occurs in cell cycle is classified as

64. In organelles of cells, the mRNA stands for

65. The mitochondria in eukaryotes is

66. The mitochondria in prokaryotes is

67. MCQ The genetic material which is used to transport the information is

68. MCQ The common mechanisms of motions in unicellular organisms are

69. MCQ The major functions served by human skeleton are

70. The nuclear genome is divided into DNA molecules which are known as

71. MCQ The microtubules of cell are produced by

72. MCQ The best-known discovery of Sir Alexander Fleming is

73. MCQ The organelle in prokaryotic which is responsible for bacteria attachment to its human cells receptors is known as

74. MCQ The sub cellular component which maintain and organize the shape of cell is known as

75. The fimbria or pilus is formed of protein which is also known as

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