Life-on-Earth Related Question Answers

26. The example of unicellular organisms is

27. The biological information of an organism is stored in its

28. MCQ Considering facts about Venus, the orbit of planet Venus around Sun is completed in

29. MCQ The mail order cataloging, flexible urinary catherater, first pair of bifocals, wooden swim fins, lighting attractor and musical instrument 'Armonica' are inventions of

30. MCQ The subunit of microtubules present in cytoskeleton which is dimeric molecule is known as

31. MCQ In eukaryotes, the worn-out or excess organelles, bacteria or viruses and food particles are digested by

32. The single cell involved in cell division is

33. MCQ The planet Jupiter was first recorded by Babylonian astronomers in

34. MCQ The transport network targeted for specific destinations and certain modifications in eukaryotic cells is classified as

35. MCQ The process by which the foreign genetic material is introduced into the cell artificially is known as

36. MCQ The four elements 'Air, Water, Earth and Fire' concept was proposed by

37. MCQ The New Zealand born British physicist was born in

38. MCQ The headquarter of MIGA is located in

39. MCQ Considering facts about Mars, the name of the planet Mars was named on the

40. The number of chromosomes in human cells is

41. MCQ The layer which exists at the interface of hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere is known as

42. In eukaryotes, the worn-out or excess organelles, bacteria or viruses and food particles are digested by

43. The division of the cell in mitosis is classified as

44. MCQ The ozone layer is part of layer of

45. The phospholipids bilayer is also known as

46. MCQ The name of the most closest dwarf planet to the Sun in inner solar system is

47. The chloroplasts are only present in

48. MCQ The gelatinous fluid that is filled in the cell and surrounds all the organelles is classified as

49. MCQ The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries was formed in

50. MCQ The structure formed of layers of sedimentary rocks is known as

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