Life-on-Earth Related Question Answers

1. The motility of cells involves

2. In animals, the most outer boundary of the cell is

3. MCQ The name of institution founded by twice Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie in

4. MCQ The name of the scientist who discovered the cell is

5. The kind of cell metabolism in which complex molecules are broke down by cells to create energy is classified as

6. MCQ The United Nations system agencies includes

7. The cytoskeleton organizer-centrosome is composed of

8. MCQ Considering the RNA of cells, the Ribonucleic Acid of prokaryotic cells is

9. MCQ The second bright object in sky during night after Moon is

10. Considering types of nucleus, the prokaryotes cells have

11. MCQ The British chemist Sir Norman Haworth was died in

12. Undergoing the process of meiosis, the diploid cell produces

13. Considering the DNA of cells, the eukaryotes cells have

14. MCQ In Solar System, the eighth planet from Sun in order is

15. MCQ The first country who has received the loan from the World Bank is

16. The structure which is also known as building block of life is

17. MCQ The DNA replication and synthesis of RNA of eukaryotic cells occurred in

18. MCQ The nuclear genome is divided into DNA molecules which are known as

19. MCQ The kind of metabolism in which cell reduce power to build complex molecules is classified as

20. MCQ The first controlled air flight by Wright Brothers was made in

21. MCQ The muscles that are supportive and useful for balance of body are known as

22. MCQ The first machine gun named 'Maxim Gun' was invented by American inventor Hiram Stevens Maxim in

23. MCQ The country which is not one of the five permanent members of United Nations Security Council is

24. The distinct divisions of cell metabolism are

25. MCQ The distinguishing feature of prokaryotes as compared to eukaryotes is

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