Kingdom-Plantae Related Question Answers

76. The arrangement of unequal dichotomies in a single plane is called

77. In the natural process the sporophyte undergoes fertilization which provide a large amount of genetic

78. Ropes are made from leaves of

79. Sepals and petals also helps in pollination, so after pollination they usually

80. Their evolutional developmental shows regular

81. Male gamates of bryophytic plant is called

82. The dominant diploid sporophyle generation alternates with inconspicuous haploid gametophyte gerperation it is the pattern of cycle of

83. Species of Mimosaceae which help breaking the wind pressure are

84. Ring worm and skin diseases can be cure with the help of leaves of

85. The specialized covering around megasporangium are called

86. By the atternation of generations, the spore of a moss develops itself into an alga like structure known as

87. Sporophyte is dominant and gametophyte is small and reduced but separate as well as independent. This development shows heteromorphic alternation of generation

88. A dry, indehicent fruit in which pericarp is completely fused with seedcoat is called

89. The plants body which are composed of large number of ridges and furrows along with a rough stem are

90. Groups of sporangi are found on the underside of reflexed lobes of margins of leaflets and protected by bent margin of leaflet is called

91. The Irish people are completely depend for their nutrition on

92. The seed is composed of an embryo and

93. Early vascular plants lacked true leaves and

94. Gymno sperms cannot produce

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