Kingdom-Plantae Related Question Answers

1. The megaspores produced after evolutionary phase germinated to form

2. Class fillicineae, class gymnospermae and class Angiospermae are the sub-division group

3. The literal meaning of gymnosperms is

4. Clitoria Ternatea is used against

5. Zaemays and corns belong to the family name

6. After fertilization of ovary the fruit is made which contain

7. The plant body is attached to soil by the help of rhizords in species of Bryophytes known as

8. The pollen of pinus can float in air for a longer period due to presence of

9. The known species of plants are

10. Important well known ferns are Dryopteris, Pteries Pteridium and

11. The enclosed seeded plants are another name for

12. The pine is a

13. The female gametophyte develops into an egg after germination with healthy megaaspore and produce

14. The evolution fusion of vascular strands given rise to a pattern called

15. Integumented indehiscent megasporangium is an

16. The fruit is developed from the ovary wall and

17. Whisk Ferns belong to the group called

18. The leaf which bear sporangia is called a

19. The class of angiosperm which contain two cotyledon are called

20. A family of plant mostly found in warm temperate regions is

21. Capsicum Anum and Capsicum Frutespens are rich in vitamin A and

22. Xylem and phloem are called

23. Beverages like whisky is made from Rye, Barley, corn and Rum molasses which belong to class

24. Horneophyton, psilophyto and cooksonia belong to the Tracheophytes group called

25. The archegonium consists of a neck and a

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