International-Organizations Related Question Answers

1. The principal organs of International Criminal Court includes

2. MCQ The International Civil Aviation Organization is headquartered in

3. MCQ Considering facts about Sun, the diameter of the Sun is

4. MCQ The international organization ICAO is abbreviation of

5. MCQ The crystals of igneous rocks that are too small to be seen with naked eyes are known as

6. The International Development Association was formulated in

7. MCQ The home to the tallest mountain existed in space is

8. MCQ The ice masses that are constrained by topographical features are classified as

9. MCQ The inventor who invented the first liquid fueled rocketry and is known as "father of modern rocketry" is

10. The purposes of International Finance Corporation includes

11. The international Labor Organization is a recognized member of

12. MCQ The scientist Marie Currie won her first Nobel Prize in Physics in

13. The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency was governed and owned by

14. The United Nations was founded in

15. The International Civil Aviation Organization is a specialized agency of

16. MCQ The bones are connected to each other with the help of

17. The parliament of European Union was elected after

18. The Interpol was established as International Criminal Police Commission in

19. The International Labor Organization was established in

20. MCQ The United Nations Industrial Development Organization is a recognized member of

21. The headquarter of World Health Organization is located in

22. MCQ The blood vessels, heart and lungs are protected by

23. The international organization which is considered executive board within United Nations General Assembly is

24. The United Nations Environment Programme was established in

25. The parent organization of United Nations Development Programme is

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