Interfacing-to-the-Analog-World Related Question Answers

101. The formula for Kinetic energy is

102. Metals are solids except

103. Non-metal elements with diatomic molecules are from

104. After Ne, the enthalpy change of vaporization is highest in

105. The most reactive metal in given series is

106. The process in which α and β rays pass close to atoms and knock the electrons out is called

107. The nucleon number of an element is equal to the

108. Polystyrene drinking cup can act like the apparatus of

109. The terminal potential difference of battery depends on

110. While forming magnesium oxide, magnesium

111. Dimensions of relative density are

112. Which one of the following is a form of energy?

113. The ice point is equal to 273 K, which is equal to

114. Diffraction of slow moving electrons is used to estimate

115. The mean drift velocity of electron in a copper wire having cross-sectional area 5.0x10-6 m2 carrying current of 1 A and having number density 8.5x1028 m3 is

116. The proportion of successful collision increase with the increase in

117. −78 °C is the

118. If a person in the mall moves a trolley with a force of 60 N and the trolley moves the distance of 20 m, the work done will be

119. The higher the temperature the vibration of particles would be

120. 2-amino carboxylic acid is building block in manufacturing of

121. People requiring an x ray of stomach are given a porridge of

122. The wavelength of 2.0 MHz ultrasound waves in tissue is

123. In a Redox reaction,

124. The objects that don't produce their own light are called

125. As the wave travels, the intensity

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