Interfacing-to-the-Analog-World Related Question Answers

76. The force exerted on a person by atmosphere is

77. The atomic radius of silicon is

78. Teapot is a good example of

79. The symbol of silver is

80. In filtration, the filtrate refers to the

81. The smallest element in group VII is

82. The oxidation state of transition elements can be changed by treating it with a suitable

83. The pathway of electron is called

84. Down the group II, thermal decomposition gradually

85. Same number of shells are found in elements of

86. A fan keeps working for 30 minutes and uses energy of 90000 J, the power consumed by the bulb is

87. The maintenance of a stable internal environment is called as

88. Nitrogen molecule is the example of

89. In CuO and CO reaction, oxidizing agent is

90. A digital quantity has

91. The number of satellites in geostationary orbits are

92. The molar mass of calcium chloride is

93. Faraday unit is named after a scientist

94. Calcium carbonate CaCO3 is a

95. A molecule of aluminum chloride is formed by the bond called

96. If the temperature of a metal object is increased the electrons would

97. The changing magnetic field induces

98. With increasing atomic number of Halogens, the

99. The difficulty of discharge is highest in

100. If the nucleon and proton number of argon is 40 and 18 respectively, the respective number of electrons and neutrons will be

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