Interfacing-to-the-Analog-World Related Question Answers

51. The meter rule balances when pivoted at 50 cm because

52. In non-metal half cells electricity is conducted via solution by

53. According to kinetic molecular model, in solids,

54. A sensing device is also called

55. At standard pressure and temperature the average speed of molecules is

56. The Benedict's solution consists of

57. In reference to the result, the SI unit for moment of force is

58. The -1.602*10-19 coulombs is the charge on single

59. Metals conduct electricity when they are

60. The least common element in living organisms is

61. If a car starting from rest reaches a velocity of 18 ms-1 after 6.0 s then it's acceleration is

62. Substances that elongate considerably and undergo plastic deformation before they break are known as:

63. In the group VI of periodic table the removal of 7th electron needs three times more energy used to remove electron number

64. Total number of different genes in human can

65. If the magnetic flux density and current are at right angles, then component of force acting on the conductor is

66. In the electrolysis of aqueous solutions of dilute acids or dilute alkalis, the amount of hydrogen given off is

67. When a gas or a liquid is subjected to an increased pressure, the substance contracts, the bulk strain is defined as:

68. Describe offset error for a DAC.

69. If current and potential difference are directly related then object follows

70. Cancer can not be diagnosed until it reaches

71. The big jump in the value of ionization energy tends to cause the removal of second electron with

72. CHP stands for

73. Bones look white in x-ray photograph because

74. The SI unit for heat is

75. A non-electrolyte

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