Interfacing-to-the-Analog-World Related Question Answers

26. The production of energy in fuel cell as compare to petrol engine is considerably

27. After ionic salts come in contact with water they form bonds called

28. The liquid used in the U-tube is

29. What is the maximum conversion time for an 8-bit successive-approximation ADC with a clock frequency of 20 kHz?

30. The closer the satellite to earth the speed should be

31. Melting point of phenol is relatively high for an aryl compound because of the

32. Which of these metals are hydrolyzed most vigorously?

33. What is the linearity of a D/A converter?

34. Hydrogen is used for making

35. Particles in solids have

36. In a magnesium-copper battery with dilute acid as the electrolyte,

37. If a river flows from west to east with constant velocity of 1.0 ms-1 and a boat leaves south bank heading towards north with velocity of 2.40 ms-1 then resultant velocity of boat is

38. Liquids have

39. Which strain is more virulent?

40. The symbol of Cobalt is

41. The error due to eye vision is termed as

42. Consider the reaction: P(s) + O2 (g) → P4O10 (s). How many moles of O2(g) will be needed to balance the equation?

43. The ranges of waves which overlap are

44. The oxides of Al and Si are

45. The removal of electron one by one from an atom by specific sequence of ionization energies are termed as

46. The platinum electrode is inert hence its part in reaction is

47. The energy required per unit mass of substance by 1K is called

48. Work in relevance to time is related to

49. Consider the reaction: Al2O3+H2SO4 → Al2(SO4)3. What will be the other by product?

50. An ionic equation chemical reaction

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