Interfacing-to-the-Analog-World Related Question Answers

1. In Calcium chloride, Calcium and chloride ions gain the electronic configuration of

2. The continual emission of infrared waves from the surface of all bodies, transmitted without any aid or support of a medium is termed as

3. A certain digital-to-analog converter has a step size of 0.25 V and a full-scale output of 7.75 V. Determine the percent of resolution and the number of input binary bits.

4. The phase difference between two antinodes in adjacent loops and opposite sides is

5. The symbol of Mercury is

6. In a free radical reaction the free radicals are formed at

7. In substitution reaction ligands in a complex can be exchanged

8. Natrium is the Latin name for

9. The effects even itself CFC can be retained in atmosphere for above a

10. Every object has mass and weight, but the one that acts downwards is

11. The thermal energy can be re-converted into potential or kinetic energy'. The statement is

12. What circuitry is on an ADC0808 IC?

13. Rate of diffusion

14. Scrubbers are composed of

15. A wave is made up of

16. Displacement reaction occurs when

17. A very small amount of electrical conductivity is measurable in

18. Which one of the following is a good example of sound waves?

19. Chemically chlorofluorocarbons are

20. What are the products of the given reaction? CO2 + H2O →

21. A network of collagen and glycoproteins form the

22. Emits are vomit inducing substances which are added to

23. The boiling point of alcohol is

24. In the Period table, the elements with 2 electrons in the outermost principal quantum shell are present in

25. In Redox reactions electrons may be

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