Fungi---Molds-and-Yeasts Related Question Answers

1. Saprophytic fungi

2. Which of the following divisions of fungi produce uniflagellated zoospores?

3. Mycorrhizae are mutualistic associations between fungi and

4. The bread mold Rhizopus stolonifer belongs to which of the following fungal divisions?

5. Water molds form flagellated spores are called

6. Fungi are important in the production of all of the following commercial products except

7. __________ produce motile sexual and asexual spores.

8. The number of nuclei per cell in a dikaryotic cell

9. The fungus responsible for ergotism belongs to which of the following fungal divisions?

10. Ecologically fungi are important because

11. Molds are considered as

12. Which of these spores are characteristic of the black bread mold Rhizopus?

13. The Acrasiomycota differ from the Myxomycota

14. __________ produce zygospores.

15. Fungi in the division Deuteromycota are characterized by the fact that

16. The fruiting body of a mushroom is called

17. Which spore is on a club and results from the fusion of two nuclei from different strains of the same fungi?

18. Fungi that lack partitions (septa) are called

19. The most significant reason why fungi are not in the kingdom Plantae is that fungi

20. __________ produce basidiospores.

21. Name the asexual spore(s)?

22. Ergotism is responsible for all of the following except

23. Which of the following is not a member of the division Ascomycota?

24. Which of the following is/are the sexual spore?

25. Mushrooms are classified in which of the following division?

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