Forensic-Questions Related Question Answers

1. Gastric lavage turns black in presence of silver nitrate, most probable poisoning was -

2. Heart rupture is characterised by

3. Cadaveric spasm -

4. The fingerprint pattern may be impaired permanently in cases of -

5. Mee's line is seen in which poisoning ?

6. Aconite poisoning causes all except:

7. All are features of lead poisoning,except:

8. Antemortem bruise is differentiated from postmortem bruise by -

9. All the following are characteristic of Dhatura poisoning except

10. Forth of drowning can be differentiated from that due to other causes by -

11. Lanugo hair is seen by the end of -

12. Psychological autopsy is ?

13. A middle aged man from West Bengal presents with paraesthesia of hands and feet,hyperkeratosis of palms,lines on his nails and rain drop pigmentation.The most likely causative toxin for the above mentioned presentation is:

14. Amyl Nitrate is used as an antidote in...poisoning -

15. Length of gastric lavage tube is:

16. Florence test is used for -

17. Best bone to assess age between 20-50 years -

18. Barbiturates excretion in urine may be increased by:

19. The average length of a full term child will be about -

20. Which is excreted typically in lead poisoning -

21. Widmark's formula is used in calculating:

22. Which of the following statements is not correct regarding diatom?

23. A method of homicidal smothering and traumatic asphyxia is known is -

24. Tram-line bruises are caused due to injuries inflicted by -

25. Lateral Traction Test is done for -

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