Famous-Scientists Related Question Answers

1. MCQ The Asteroids known as M-type Asteroids are made up of

2. MCQ According to Bohr, the element which is responsible of nuclear fission is

3. MCQ The land mines are used in Song Dynasty China in

4. The Matrix mechanics which is representation of Quantum mechanics was formulated by

5. MCQ The planet with the coldest temperature of all the planets is

6. MCQ The American theoretical physicist Steven Weinberg won the Nobel Prize for

7. The German Physicist Ernst Augus Fiedrich Ruska was born in

8. The German scientist Herman Emil Fischer was born in

9. The number of Jupiter planets natural satellite moon is

10. The four elements 'Air, Water, Earth and Fire' concept was proposed by

11. The Greek scientist and philosopher Aristotle was died in

12. MCQ The actions restricted by ligaments are

13. The German scientist Otto Hahn discovered mother substance of radium called

14. MCQ The three quarters of Sun is made up of

15. The German Physicist Ernst Augus Fiedrich Ruska won the Nobel Prize for his work of

16. MCQ The International Labor Organization was established in

17. The Francis Crick summarize the genetic information flow in one way as

18. MCQ The international organization which ensures whether the world's seas, oceans and national waters are properly charted and surveyed is

19. The British scientist Francis Crick won the Nobel Prize in the field of

20. MCQ The Charles Darwin was died in

21. The Danish scientist Niels Bohr won the Nobel Prize for his understanding of atomic structure and quantum numbers in

22. The name of institution founded by twice Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie in

23. MCQ The British chemist William Ramsay who discovered the Nobel Prize was born in

24. The British chemist Sir Norman Haworth was died in

25. MCQ The German scientist Otto Hahn received Nobel Prize in 1944 for his work in

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