English---Change-the-voice Related Question Answers

51. I asked Susheela why she was sad.

52. Sita was reading the Gita.

53. Help the poor.

54. Someone has stolen his book.

55. They had not done their tasks.

56. Don't insult the deaf man.

57. He will hate me.

58. Let us sing.

59. We must have obeyed our teachers.

60. He stole that watch.

61. He found the student guilty.

62. Who taught you English ?

63. He had written a poem.

64. Nobody can catch him.

65. Savita does not like me.

66. We hate him.

67. Will nobody help the Sheetal ?

68. Please tell me something.

69. Let him do this work.

70. We ought to have saved our environment.

71. Mr. Sharma knows me.

72. His hard work satisfied me.

73. They are not playing the game.

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