English---Change-the-voice Related Question Answers

26. Shivu is singing a song.

27. Priyanka has written these notes.

28. Let me do this task.

29. My friends are watching the match.

30. It is time to learn English.

31. Sit down.

32. We crowned him leader.

33. Sunder will have closed the door.

34. Respect your neighbours.

35. Who wrote this book ?

36. My father has solved this matter.

37. He displeased Mr. Mathur.

38. Sahil spoke the lie.

39. There is nothing to do.

40. He is making a film.

41. The police will have caught the culprit.

42. Let us play.

43. There is no book to read.

44. Rahul has to see it or to believe it.

45. Please give me a pen.

46. He arrived at the conclusion.

47. Sahil sharma makes tea.

48. It is time to prepare for the game trails.

49. His behaviour surprised me.

50. Rahul will pass the message.

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