English---Change-the-voice Related Question Answers

1. She wants that she should be respected.

2. Rahul made her laugh.

3. Don't touch the fence.

4. The farmer was ploughing the fields.

5. My mother is cooking food.

6. He can speak French.

7. I have given him a perfume.

8. Did he buy a car ?

9. They may win the battle.

10. The police caught the culprit.

11. Rahul mush have done that task.

12. It is time to do our business.

13. He like people to respect him.

14. Bring the bottle of juice.

15. Why does he beat his brother ?

16. My father loves me.

17. Please keep quiet.

18. Thief killed him.

19. Who wrote this noble ?

20. I must help him.

21. Where do they buy the utensils ?

22. Somebody had already adopted him.

23. He asked me what my post was.

24. Switch on the cooler.

25. He was writing a love letter.

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