Customer-Driven-Marketing-Strategy Related Question Answers

76. The segmentation based on climate basis is an example of

77. The 'market segmentation' includes

78. After company has positioned itself, it should take steps to

79. The market which is segmented on the basis of usage rate of product such as 'light, medium and heavy users' of the products is considered as

80. The market divided on the basis of social class as 'lower lowers, upper lowers and middle class' is example of

81. Segmentation of international markets on the basis of monetary regulations is an example of

82. The market segmentation done on the basis of religions of customers such as 'Catholics, Hindus and Muslims' is classified as

83. The market segment which is large enough or profitable enough to be served is known as

84. The process of segmenting the market and identifying which segments to target is classified as

85. Segmentation on the basis of values and attitudes and behavioral patterns is an example of

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