Customer-Driven-Marketing-Strategy Related Question Answers

51. Segmentation of international markets on the basis of overall economic development is an example of

52. The division of market on the basis of separate needs and behaviors is called

53. The division of market as 'baby boomers', 'Generation X' and 'Generation Y' is example of

54. Segmentation of international markets such as amount of beaureaucracy in a country is an example of

55. The 'Harley-Davidson' which marketed bikes for female segment of market is an example of

56. The brand's superiority is based on its

57. The market which is segmented on the basis of age and gender of customers is classified as

58. Burger King segments and targets its brands market "Super Fans" who visit store roughly 13 times a month is an example of

59. The Toyota Corporation which produces several different brands of cars is an example of

60. If the men and women respond similarly to the marketing efforts for soft drinks, the segment should be considered as

61. The market which is divided on the basis of 'income scale and family size of customers' is an example of

62. The VF corporation offering more than thirty premium brands is an example of

63. The market coverage strategy which captures the large share of one or more segments is called

64. The positioning statement first states the

65. The competitive marketing strategies plays a role in company's

66. The market segmentation based on customers seeking brands that deliver benefits is example of

67. The market segmented on the basis of usage rates such as 'heavy user' or 'light user' is classified as

68. If the company ignores market segment differences by offering single market offering then this marketing strategy is classified as

69. Lexus targets customer regardless of the country in which they lived - the "global elite" segment, this is called

70. The market segmentation based on customers race and nationality is an example of

71. The companies that targets market very narrowly is called

72. The market segmented on the basis of knowledge level of customers regarding such as 'unaware, aware, interested and desirous customers' is included in

73. The strategy that focuses on smaller segments and attract only few competitors is called

74. The process of dividing potential customers on the basis of common needs or characteristics and buying behaviors is called

75. The Apple customers who keeps buying same brand in every purchase is an example of

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