Customer-Driven-Marketing-Strategy Related Question Answers

1. The customer market division done on the basis of 'compulsive, ambitious and outgoing customers' classified as

2. The 'concentrated marketing' is also called as

3. In positioning statement, the first thing that must be stated is

4. Swedish furniture giant IKEA targets middle class segment at global scale is an example of

5. The company's targeting strategy depends on

6. Niche marketing helps more in

7. The market segmented on the basis of 'loyalty status of customers toward brands' is best classified as

8. The segment that could be reached easily and well served is considered as

9. The marketing strategy which does not focus on the difference between the consumer needs is called

10. The market segmentation done on basis of 'occupation' and 'education' of customers is an example of

11. The 'Regent Seven Seas Cruise Line' invites customers by saying "luxury goes exploring" is an example of

12. Segmentation of international markets on the basis of stability of governments is included in

13. The Coca-Cola's "Good Morning" campaign promotes consumption of soft dink in morning is an example of

14. The market which is segmented on the basis of negative and hostile attitude toward product is considered as

15. The company marketing mix that target market segments very broadly is called

16. In United States, Procter and Gamble sells six different detergent brands is an example of

17. The company and brand positioning must be stated in

18. The market segmentation on the basis of continents such as North America, Middle East and Western Europe is example of

19. The market segmented on the basis of the degree level such as 'high school graduates and college graduates' is classified as

20. Segmentation of international markets on the basis of common languages, religions and customs is example of

21. Segmentation of international market considering the factors such as receptivity of foreign firms is an example of

22. The market which is segmented on the basis of 'readiness stage' is best classified as

23. The segment whose size, purchasing power of customers and profiles of the customers in the segments can be measured in terms of numerical figures is considered as

24. The segmentation of market in groups having similar needs and wants is known as

25. The marketing strategy which focuses on 'common characteristics' of needs of consumers is called

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