Creating-Brand-Equity Related Question Answers

1. In BVA, the measurement of breadth of brand's appeal and its appropriateness is classified as

2. The marketers enter in to different product category with the parent brand is considered as

3. The net present value is yielded by

4. The retention spending level and retention rate is influence of the dimension of customer lifetime value is classified as

5. The esteem and knowledge together creates

6. In value stages, the customer mind-set must consider

7. The structured approach to asses sources of brand equity and its outcomes to create brand value is classified as

8. The particular brand's equity arises from consumer response

9. When customers does not react favorably to specific brand under same circumstances, it is said to be

10. In brand dynamics, the brand active familiarity based on trial and saliency of promising brand is classified as

11. When the brand equity is based on customer differences then the competition is based on

12. The strategy of using individual family brand names is referred as

13. The process of how effectively existing brand equity leveraged to a new product is considered as

14. The value creation practices such as evangelizing and justifying is classified as

15. In brand dynamics, the belief that delivering product performance on consumer's short list is classified as

16. The state which describes how well the market offering fulfill the customers needs is considered as

17. The strategy of using company brand name for every product is referred as

18. The overall brand discount rate is equal to sum of

19. The criteria for choosing the brand elements are classified as

20. The specialized community of employees whose activities are focused around the brand is classified as

21. The mix and match to maximize collective and individual effects are classified as

22. The indicator which determines future value and growth is classified as

23. The brand element 'building brand' does not include

24. The focus on customers evaluations and opinions is classified as

25. The feelings, experiences, beliefs and thoughts associated with any specific product are included in

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