Chemical-Formulae-and-Equations Related Question Answers

1. The suitable apparatus to measure the volume of gas given off is

2. pH is an abbreviation of

3. At high temperatures, enzyme

4. Examples of sublime substances do not include

5. The ions remaining unchanged in both reactants and products are called as

6. Amphoteric oxides react with acids to form

7. in order to get the product of lead nitrate, the lead oxide shall react with

8. In the electrolysis of concentrated HCl, Cl2 is given off at cathode due to

9. The symbol of iron is

10. The formula of aluminum sulphate indicates that

11. Old paintings became discolourised due to

12. Sea water has a pH of

13. The sulphite ion can be written symbolically as

14. Pure substances

15. In CuO, the valency of Copper is

16. The phase never gained in sublimation is

17. Relative molecular mass of sulphuric acid is

18. In one molecule of sulphuric acid,

19. The nucleon number of an element is equal to the

20. The chemical formula of sodium sulphite is

21. Rate of diffusion

22. When carbon ions react with carbon dioxide gas, the product will be

23. The formula ZnCl2 indicates that the charge on zinc ion is

24. pH values has a range of

25. The molar mass of Calcium Carbonate CaCO3 is

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